David Daase




Art Classes

Basic landscapes in Oils

This class is for the individual that has little or no experience in painting with oils. We will cover general methods and techniques in landscape painting. We will be following step by step demonstrations in painting basic landscape elements such as clouds & skies, trees, water, rocks, and reflections. There will be plenty of one-on-one help for each student based on their individual progress and abilities. In the process you'll experience general paint mixing. We'll discuss tonal values & colour harmonies, and the general usage of brushes, in varying shapes and sizes.

Art classes will take place at the Art Studio in Kelowna. Classes are 3 hours in length. Dates and time of classes are to be determined when each class is filled.

Contact us to register your name for a class. Please state your availability for afternoon and/or evening classes.

Supply List

Many of these items are available at the Opus Framing & Art Supplies store, and can be viewed on their website.

NOTE: only grey highlighted items are needed immediately for first classes.

Qty Item Price
1 11x14 stretched canvas $5.90
1 9x12 Disposable Palette Pad (no hole necessary) $7.30
1 Opus Linseed Oil (250ml) $6.90
1 Xtra Mild Citrus Thinner (Eco House) 500ml $12.71
1 Mona Lisa Artist Brush Cleaning Tank $5.50
1 Roll of Toilet Tissue (for cleaning brushes)  
2 Plastic Squeeze Bottles 60ml $1.40 each
1 Opus Allegro (flat brushes) 1/8” $4.90
1 Opus Allegro (flat brushes) 3/8” $8.50
1 Opus Allegro (flat brushes) ½” $10.50
1 Opus Allegro (flat brushes) ¾” $17.90

(Other optional items)
  Mona Lisa Pink Soap $8.40
  Brush Easel (vertical) $6.80

(The following items can be purchased from Artist)
  Palette Mixing Knife $3.00
  Sceptre Gold II 303 #0 brush* $8.72
  Sceptre Gold II 303 #1 brush* $9.73
  Sceptre Gold II 303 #2 brush* $9.94
  Sceptre Gold II 303 #3 brush* $10.40

Choose from one of the following brands of paint:

  • Winton Oil Paints 37ML
  • Georgian Oil Colours
  • Stevenson Oils ML

Titanium white, Burnt Umber Lemon Yellow Hue, Cadmium Orange Hue, Burnt Sienna, Black, Cadmium Yellow, Yellow Ochre, Oriental Green, Sap Green, Cobalt Blue, Prussian Blue, Cerulean Blue, Alizarin Crimson, & Scarlet Red ($4.90 each)